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Makapu'u Lighthouse
Makapu'u Lighthouse
Day Eight - Eastern Island Route

Today was our last full day on Oahu so had a rather uneventful schedule. Had some more spam musubi for breakfast and then I headed westward to take the H3 up to Kailua. Hung out and relaxed at Kailua Bay Beach for a couple of hours. Very placid waters here, much different from that of the North Shore further out to the northwest. Perfect place for kayakers (with small islands relatively close off the coast that you could paddle to) and we even watched a group of spear fishermen come right down the beach and into the waters, towing little floating flags with them so they don't get run over by any boat. Definitely a family beach though.

After rousing Erin from her slumber, we headed eastward along the coast. Discovered a section of highway with tons of cars illegally parked alongside the road so of course we also stopped to take a look. Turns out it was the trail up to the Makapu'u Lighthouse which is the eastern-most point of Oahu. It's a pretty long climb but not that strenuous. However we did it during the afternoon which probably wasn't the best of ideas. Great view from the top though. Didn't get a chance to try to climb down the rather dangerous-looking "trail" to the Dragon's Nostrils, a cluster of blowholes along with a group of shallow tide pools located at the cliff's bottom that serve as wading pools for the more adventurous folk, and we left relatively quickly because Erin was starting to not feel so well.

Headed back to our hotel where we then looked for a place to do our laundry (the original place we went to was closed) and get organized for the flight to Hilo tomorrow.

Paddling to Island
paddling off the coast @ Kailua Bay
spearfishers heading out to sea
perfect place for kayaking
Dragon's Nostrils
other hikers taking a break in the Dragon's Nostrils
taking a break
Winding Trail
winding trail
On the Trail
on the trail
Big Blue Ocean
big blue ocean
Down Slope
another trail shot
coastline north of Makapu'u
base of Makapu'u
overlooking Makapu'u
Makapu'u Lighthouse
Makapu'u Lighthouse
Offshore Islands
offshore islands
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