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Next to a Tree
Just Standing Around
Day Fourteen - End of the Road

Today was the end of the road so nothing in particular planned for the day before we took our flight back to Honolulu and then the mainland in the mid-afternoon. Got all our stuff packed and organized in the morning before hitting the Ocean Seafood restaurant for a tasty lunch of wonton noodles. They give rather big portions there so keep in mind.

Afterwards, wandered around downtown Kailua-Kona (near the sea wall where the Ironman Triathalon takes place) and had some shaved ice (Waiola's back in Oahu was much better). Poked around the stores some in the area but since we weren't big on souvenirs, didn't get anything. Erin finally succeeded in pestering me enough about the coral graffiti that we had seen on Route 19 north so that we drove back up to the area to take another look. Stopped off the highway at one spot where Erin proceeded to scrounge around for and gather a modest pile of unused coral and rocks to create her own contribution to the area. She was pretty adamant about the whole thing, wouldn't take no for an answer. So there we were, two lone figures clambering around the crunchy lava flow under the hot mid-afternoon sun while cars whizzed by a dozen feet away and occassionally honked in recognition of what we were doing. In retrospect, it was a nice way to end our trip. Hopefully, our lil' piece will still be there years from now. We'll definitely take a look next time we're out here. A little after the 91 mile marker on Route 19 North.

Shaved Ice
tri-flavored shaved ice
Enjoying the Ice
diggin' in
taking a sip
Stuff to Mail
who'd buy these things?
Big Fan
purty colors...
Shark Head
having fun with unpaid stuff
Fan Toy
she really likes that fan
how'd I get dragged into this?
Big Tree
big tree outside Kailua Pier
Eric & Yvonne
eric & yvonne
In Memory of Chico
good memorial for Chico
Another Graffiti
graffiti on lava
Route 19 South
this is as big of a highway as you'll find on this island
Hard at Work
hard at work
workin' by the highway
Windy Day
heck of a windy day too
Grinning Fool
grinning fool
Her Masterpiece
her masterpiece
hope it lasts
Donkey Xing
apparently there is a band of wild donkeys roaming around the island
All Over
imagine an entire road looking like this
All Aboard
all aboard!
last pic taken on the islands
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